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Telangana State Government Policies

Telangana State Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy, 2016 was instigated on the 4th of April, 2016 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) in the gracious presence of Sri ESL Narasimhan, Hon’ble Governor Telangana & AP, Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri KT Rama Rao Minister for IT and Sri NR Narayana Murthy Hon’ble Chairman Emeritus, Infosys. In conjunction with the ICT Policy four other Policies viz. Electronics Policy, Innovation Policy, Rural Tech Centres Policy and Gaming & Animation Policy were also released at the launch event. The policies are undeniably considered to be revolutionary and path-breaking.

IT Policy is the primary instrument through which the Government inflates upon its vision for the IT sector. The IT policy not only focuses on consolidating our strengths but also on making revolutionary efforts into fresh and promising areas. The government of Telangana is setting up the stage to make the capital of Telangana a global hub for electronics. The state government endeavors to accomplish this by providing the tactical impetus to the design and electronic hardware industry and seek to achieve this by offering the right support for infrastructure, building skilled workforce and providing and fiscal regime.

The Rural Tech Centres Policy – The IT and its associated sectors are one of the major reasons for India sprouting as an economic powerhouse. Besides contributing nearly 10% to the Country’s GDP, this sector provides employment opportunities to 3.5 million people of which the major portion of populace come from rural areas. Hence, comprehending the significance of this and the majority of talent pool, the Telangana Government aimed to build up the rural areas into promising technological centres that consecutively assist in wealth and employment creation.

The Telangana Government appreciates both private and public organizations to set up Incubation centers, accelerators, seed funds and offer significant support to the budding entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic and willing to innovate and start-up companies shall be incentivized on various fronts. Coming to the Gaming & Animation policy, Hyderabad is already an abode to a noteworthy number of Gaming & Animation companies and most of them have already made a mark in the domestic and international levels. By giving suitable high-end infrastructure and talent pool, the Telangana government aims to give an added push to this already fast growing sector.