Telangana Investors

Telangana Investors is a network platform to connect different people who are like-minded. We know the newly formed state Telangana just turned three on the 2nd of June 2017 but the achievements that were pulled off in these years were massive. Telangana Investors is an ecosystem that is specifically designed to make entrepreneurial ideas into reality by building unique collaboration between Companies , Investors and Mentors.

Telangana has huge potential, resources, talent and skill, because of which it has attracted the top companies from across the globe to setup their base in Telangana. For employers, the resources are boundless because of the countless number of engineering colleges present in the State. Every year, large pools of talented students pass out and get jobs in the major cities of the state which are main source of IT hubs. Many students, before even completing their studies get placed in top MNC’s with campus placements and take home handsome salaries.

Telangana Investors is determined and persistently trying to enhance the investment environment by creating opportunities to the firms, for which the infrastructure and design provided are both futuristic and cutting-edge. The final goal is to build a network that not just furnishes the needs to the entrepreneurs but also gives an opportunity for an individual who has the zeal to start a company in Telangana.

Telangana Investors has taken initiations such as skill training program that assists students in learning specific skills and gain theoretical, practical knowledge and help them make their way to the top organizations easily. So, we can substantiate without any hesitation that Telangana State is a home to talent, potential, skill and huge resources.