Telangana's Leading Industries

IT Products

Telangana has been a hub for many IT industries for establishing their businesses and will continue to be. Many industry leading companies like Infosys, Microsoft, Amazon, Google are successfully running their business in Telangana. All these IT companies have a noteworthy presence in Hyderabad. The capital city of Hyderabad is a big hub for information technology (IT) and pharmaceutical sectors. Over the last few years the IT Products industry is growing rapidly. When compared to the last year we can see a significant growth in IT industry in Telangana.

Looking at the development that's happening, we can assume Telangana as the most interesting and successful hub for new startups and big techies. Hitech City and Madhapur in Hyderabad is where the top firms are operating their businesses and they may no longer be the only place for top IT firms in Telangana as the Government of Telangana is looking to spread the IT sector to smaller districts as well such as Khammam, Karimnagar and Warangal.

In the month of June 2017, Telangana IT minister K. T. Rama Rao laid the foundation stone for the onset of an IT incubation centre in the Khammam district. The Telangana government wants to spread out the IT sector that is concentrated only in Hyderabad to different states which helps the youth get the jobs in their own district centres.