Telangana's Leading Industries


Telangana is a major location for healthcare related industries including hospitals and pharmaceutical organizations. Hyderabad is already a significant destination for vast drugs manufactures and is building up on the base with a new Pharma city. It already has 500 Pharma and biotech companies which includes the renowned Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. The government is still looking to provide the citizens with even better quality healthcare services.

The Telangana State government is planning Super-specialty hospitals with excellent standards in each and every district of Telangana. Also, in an attempt to build a complete ecosystem for the healthcare sector, the Telangana government is going to set up a medical devices park and a pharma city to allow expansion of existing pharmaceutical and bulk-drug manufacturing companies situated in Hyderabad.

The Telangana government thinks that Healthcare must be within the reach of every citizen. For providing basic health facilities to all citizens, government has commenced and had put into practice diverse health schemes and programmes beneficial to all the citizens of the state. There are specific beneficiaries for women, children and senior citizen too. So, the healthcare industry is very well positioned in the state with excellent conveniences within the reach of citizens.