Telangana's Leading Industries

Real Estate

Real Estate industry is increasingly doing well in Telangana. The real estate business in Karimnagar district, which had developed by leaps and bounds from years and retreated after splitting of the district into seven, and the demonetization impact, is most probable to get a fresh boost as the Union government included Karimnagar in the Smart Cities Mission programme.

With the Union and State governments agreeing priority for all-round development of Karimnagar town and establishment of added infrastructure under the Smart City programme, the realtors feel that the circumstances would definitely see a transformation in the forthcoming months as Karimnagar is one of the most happening places in the State. So, Karimnagar would grow on par with Hyderabad with this smart city programme and hence there is a possibility of a definite real estate boom in the town.


Compared to other states like Bangalore, Telangana State has lesser rates and it's a boon for startups and medium scaled enterprises to setup their business centres because they are budget conscious. Also, it is a benefit for warehouse businesses, commercial buildings, etc. In the next few years, Hyderabad would be the centre for many co-working spaces.